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Hi Friends, Myself is Mukesh Acharya ,and I am a Software Professional, currently working in a Telecom Software company in Gurgaon,India

If you have in your mind to start a NGO and don't know how to start, I am here to help you out for the noble cause.

Just contact me in case of any query, regarding the website creation, NGO registration,fund collection etc. at acharya.mukesh@gmail.com and I will help you out in every possible manner.
I provide free web site creation for the people who don't have sufficient money to start the site.I will make the site FREE for you and if really you are in need , I can also registered the domain name and webhosting FREE for you, but all this come with one condition that "You are really want to change the current condition, you are really want to do something for the poor people, for the people who require our support, who require our help..."

Feel free to contact me at any time , I will get back to you as soon as possible, also please help us in any way you can , either by providing some fund, or old clothes , books, medicines,old magazines etc. anything you can , it would be a great help for the needy people..

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